Helen Lawrence


St. John's, Smith Square, London 1979

But Medee is Medee - its success must always stand or fall on the ability of the singing-actress / actress-singer who ventures on the demanding title role, with its fearful tessitura and wide-leaping intervals. This occasion turned out to be a considerable personal triumph for Helen Lawrence. She has a strong dramamtic soprano which retains an impressive weight right to the top of the range and is complemented by a forceful chest register. She sang with a tremendous sense of involvement, convincingly creating before us the palpable image of that tormented, anguished, vengeful, terrible woman of ancient myth. She appeared to have stamina to spare. Altogether it was thoroughly gripping stuff. When do we get to see and hear it on stage?
                Music and Musicians

In this admirable performance the restoration of the missing developments and the dramatically balanced proportions was shown to be imperative. The immensely taxing role of Medea - extended tessitura, enormous emotional range, cruel technical demands - was impressively taken by Helen Lawrence. She made the character fully vivid, and sounded stylishly purposeful.
                The Financial Times

Helen Lawrence was right inside her part, producing an impassioned stream of legato tone that compelled attention and proper awe.
              The Guardian

The exacting title role was undertaken by Helen Lawrence with a vivid authority and often thrilling assurance.
             The Daily Telegraph