Helen Lawrence

Lucrezia Borgia


St. John's, Smith Square,   London 1978
Chief interest lay in the brilliant, musicianly and grandly expressive singing of Helen Lawrence in the title role..... The taxing florid runs of Lucrezia's first and last cabalettas held no terrors for her; soft sustained notes were uncommonly beautiful, her delivery of the E flat minor melody "Era desso il figlio mio", very poignant. She sounds to have studied the art of Maria Callas and sang like a worthy pupil, likely for great things.      The Times

Helen Lawrence, like many a soprano from Meric-Lalande, the first Lucrezia, to Joan Sutherland, found the role richly rewarding. She sang her entrance aria with tender warmth of tone, but later produced plenty of steel and fire with which to confront her husband, Alfonso d'Este. Miss Lawrence has the ability, invaluable in an opera singer, to take wing emotionally while retaining full control over her voice.     Opera

Helen Lawrence phrased "Com'e bello" with much tenderness and expressed the threat to Alfonso as venemously as could be desired. In the ensuing trio her fear for Gennaro's safety was equally powerfully conveyed. The final scene found her in agile voice, an edge to the tone quite appropriate and in character.     The Financial Times